If you are a Connecticut resident and are looking to have an item transferred in from an out-of-state dealer, we are happy to help. Our transfer fee is $25.00 cash or credit. We do offer a discounted LEO/Military price of $20.00. Please be sure that the item is legal for you to own prior to making the purchase. If you have any questions about the legality of the item or the permit that you need to have, we can be reached at (860) 239-0530 or sales@860firearms.com . Once you place the order, we'll need the seller's contact information (e-mail is preferred) and your order or auction number. We will contact the seller, trade FFL information, and coordinate the shipment. We are only accepting shipments from other FFL's at this time. Once your item arrives, we will set up an appointment with you to do the required paperwork. Outgoing transfers are the same price, plus shipping costs.